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USB Flash Drive Standard

Shenzhen Kangchi Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2016

Fake USB flash drive plant will be cut dead USB flash drive industry standards will be published in China: not long ago, according to China's Ministry of information industry, said China's enactment of the General information technology removable storage Flash disk specification for approval was finalized after approval by the national standardization Management Commission, promulgated and implemented.

Meanwhile, other standard GM norms and is still under discussion in the technical standards in further research of the intelligent storage card. The introduction of the standard will help u normalized healthy development of the industry, u long cohabitation situation would probably end, a move that will protect USB drive consumer interest laws. It is understood that currently has approval of the information technology General specification for removable storage Flash drives including scope, normative references, terminology, definitions and test methods Part 7, on the u-basic function, read and write speed performance requirements provisions are appropriate.