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Introduction To Gift Gifts USB Flash Drive U Disk

Shenzhen Kangchi Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2016

Introduction to gift USB-gift USB flash drive

Also known as creative u disk or a USB memory stick, in fact, is the derivative of u personalized appearance. Materials are metal, plastic, wood, silicone, such as card u disk, ABS material, appearance and standard bank card, length and width for 85*52MM, 1.2-2MM thick. Card USB card USB drive because you can print beautiful color patterns and become a good advertising vehicle, become the preferred electronic gifts. Ordinary USB flash drive promotion company's LOGO only on the appearance, or temporary work, lost after publicity. Card u disk, in addition to the LOGO of a company that in appearance, you can also do in the USB chip companies advertising products and so forth. Card USB flash drive life is 5-6 years (good 8-10 no problem), equal to the industry is spending money, for a couple of ads, and beer between customer advocacy, more credibility and authenticity, helps customers increase. It may be said, a purchase, life-long service.